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Rough Cut Feedback

Positive Feedback

“There is a good sense of mystery, throughout the opening sequence, making the audience not knowing what is going to happen next” Andy Dennis

“Close up the first actor, is a good way of showing his expression” Josh Bastin

“Shots of the shoe and the phone were really good, more of them would be great” Sammy Lane

Negative Feedback

“There is a mixed up with a few shots, making much confusion, more editing to change that would make the sequence must be much better” Andy Dennis

“Most shots are very blurry, so re shooting these shots are probably best” Josh Bastin

“More shots of the characters, to make better continuity overall” Sammy Lane

“The opening titles go on for too long, maybe cutting them is best” Joe Jordan

“End of the sequence is unclear, need to make a lot clearer” Max Clarke

“Match on action is dodgy, better editing is needed” Joe Bilton

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Rough Cut

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Shooting Experience

After deciding on the logistics of what we needed for the filming, we then had to consider when we would actually film, and at what times. We had to consider what time/day we could all go to the house we were filming at.

During the shooting experience at Alex’s house everything went well and we thought we had got all the shots that we had wanted. We faced a major problem after uploading our footage the first time to begin the editing process, the shots were all too dark and slightly blurry and so we had to re-record the whole film again in order to get the shots we wanted, without the blur and darkness.

After this was re-recorded we were much happier with our shots, as they were no longer blurry and they were generally much more clear. Fortunately, we never had a problem with props or anything else concerned with our film, as we had planned carefully and so nothing else could go wrong

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Test Anixety

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Risk Assessment and Logistics

Risk Assessment


Here is a list of who’s doing what, some of the locations/landmarks we plan to film, and a list of props, people and equipment.

Camera Operator – Alex Hoggett

Cinematographer – Charlie Simpson and Alex Hoggett

Assistant Camera Operator – Charlie Simpson

Actor/Actress – TBC

Editor – Alex Hoggett

Director of Sound – Alex Hoggett and Charlie Simpson

People: In order for everything to run smoothly, the people needed at filming will be;
– Alex Hoggett,
– Charlie Simpson,
– two male actors (yet to be confirmed),

Equipment: The equipment we will need in order to film successfully is;
– two handheld video cameras,
– three batteries for the cameras (one as a back-up),
– one tripod stand.

Props: The props we will need for the filming are;
– a mobile phone,
– a backpack,
– 2 different family photographs in photo frames,
– newspaper

– Alex’s house

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Costume, Props, Setting and Mise en Scene


Male 1 – The first male actor (protagonist lying on the sofa) will be wearing very casual clothing, jeans and a t-shirt will be appropriate as he is a stereotypical teenager.

Male 2 – The second male actor (antagonist looking through the window) will be wearing joggers and a t-shirt, a more scruffy look compared to the first actor. He’s t-shirt may even be ripped or stained.


– A mobile phone: a main prop in the film, the protagonist tries to use it but then finds out that there is no battery in it.

– A backpack: Used in the flashback showing the brother packing his bag.

– 2 different family photographs in photo frames: Used to show how the brother has gone missing as first photo has all 4 family members, but second photo only has 3.

– Newspaper: Used in the flashback to emphasise the point of the brother going missing.


The whole of our opening scene will be in a house. We generally relate our houses as being a ‘safe’ place but our opening gives a twist on this idea and will completely go against that idea. This will be easy to film as we can use either one of our houses and so do not need to worry about not being able to film at a location, as we can film at pretty much anytime in our houses.

Mise En Scene

All the filming we do will be in the living room of our house. We will just use the natural lighting coming through the windows to light the room as it gives more of an early morning feel to the scene, which is what we want. The mise en scene in the living room will be a sofa with the man sleeping on it, a mobile phone, a tv (turned off), some side tables and the photos.

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